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R. J. Cole is a retired educational psychologist who worked with adjudicated youth in juvenile detention centers and children’s shelters throughout California, and with children diagnosed with severe emotional disturbance and autism, and their families.

In Santa Clara County, California, during the 1980s through to the early 2000s, Cole established several day treatment classrooms on regular-education school campuses using the regular classroom and public-school campus environment as part of the children’s therapy with the goal of shifting their response to the reality of the school and social experience. This bucked the trend of the day, where emotionally disturbed students were taught in centers away from their normal peers. It was during this time that Cole started delving into the magical world of dreams and using students’ dreams as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to help enter the children’s realities, often with great success.

Cole has written four books on the theme of dreams and their meanings and application plus several academic manuals on affective education, behavior management, and meditation.

Cole currently lives in California with his wife, Fran, and continues to share and read the dreams of his family members and of the many thousands across the world who have sent him their dreams through his blogs and websites.